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Batumi is the city which easily makes visitors fall in love with it.

This small, white city containing mostly 2-3-storeyed buildings, possesses a certain unique charm. The part of the city called “Old Batumi” is nearly 150 years old. Here you can see a coffee-device workshops. Coffee ritual generally takes an important place in Batumi lifestyle. There are a lot of open cafes here where city dwellers gather according to the ages and interest and have aromatic hot black coffee prepared on the heated sand.

The buildings in “Old Batumi” are of exceptional beauty. A lot of buildings are decorated with chimeras, lions, nameless mythical creatures, and the pride of Batumians-a boy with the reed-pipe. The beautiful white building near the seaside park is shouldered by the Titans. They have been holding their “heavy” burden uncomplainingly for over a century already. The Post Office building is one of the most fascinating buildings in Batumi. It is built at the beginning of XX century and is located at the juncture of the two central streets-Baratashvili and Abashidze streets. The clock on its dome is the main clock of the city according to which Batumians set their clocks.

Growth and development of modern Batumi, began in Porto Franco period In the XIX century and continued more rapidly later on. Batumi with its first-rank port and well developed industry held a significant place in Georgia and in Caucasus as one of the most important transit and industrial centres. 29 factories functioned here in 1903. Industrial boom was followed by an increase in the population growth- from 3 000 up to 30000 in the time frame 1878-1903. A lot of European commercial and industrial companies were in business in that period. “O.F. Gillard”, “Siemens and Halske”, “Schuft and  Zimmerman”, “Varneke and Company”, “Nobel Brothers” and others were among them. European profound interest in Batumi was rapidly growing. The flow of businessmen to and from Batumi noticeably increased. An intensive constructing activity started: 305 dwelling houses were built, 4 tobacco plants, 8 hotels, 4 confectionaries, 27 bakeries, 21 dining-halls, 49 groceries, 15 fancy-goods stores and 12 shoe and ready-made clothing stores were opened by 1884. Consulates and representative offices of the following 15 countries were opened in order to protect their citizens' rights and trade-industrial interests.

Industry was further expanding in Batumi during Soviet period. Besides, Batumi started to develop as a major tourist destination for Soviet holidaymakers. Appropriate hotel and leisure infrastructure was introduved.

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