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Your impressions on Georgia, its past, specific Colchic culture and generally the ancient nations of the world will not be perfect without visiting the Archaeological Museum. The museum is unique in South-Western Georgia. The visitors can get acquainted with unique materials found during excavations throughout Adjara territory. The oldest exhibits are dated back to the Stone Age. You can see the items as old as 400-300 thousand years which tell us about our ancestors. There are also monument complexes beginning from VIII c. BC. They are part of the museum exposition. The medieval material found in upper Adjara is also very interesting.

Batumi Archaeological Museum is also significant in a sense that it abounds in Antique Greek and Roman vessels. There are clay as well as glass exhibits. Antique Greek, Roman and Colchic coins are also preserved here. According to the diversity of exhibits and historic material Batumi Archaeological Museum can undoubtedly be placed among leading European museums.

Adjara State Museum also presents equally interesting exposition. It is one of the most significant scientific institutions existing for 96 years already. For the last years the museum has been enriched with a large number of unique items and collections which totally represent 180 thousand exhibits. 4 thousand exhibits are displayed in the departments of Archaeology, Ethnography and History. Among them are unique monuments of Nature (Flora, Fauna,Minerals), archaeological collections from Gonio and Pichvnari, ethnographic items, unique photos, works of art, manuscripts.

The Gold Fund is remarkable among the exhibits. It consists of hoards found on Gonio and Pichvnari excavation sites. Gonio hoard comprises 26 items, among them 2 pieces of gold bracelets, hammered gold pendant, a gold statue of a fellow, 62 cm long plaited gold chain, flaked gold girdle, two triangular gold girdles, golden bowl, gold buckle, belt fragments, ear-rings, rings. The museum also preserves samples of jewelry found in the village of Makho, Khelvachauri region, such as decorated pendant chain, bracelet, etc.

The items found in Pichvnari are dated to V century BC (coins, ear-rings, rings, beads, bracelets, etc).

The Adjara State Art Museum is an important hearth ofmodern Georgian culture. It was opened in 1990es. It possesses a considerable collection which gives us clear impression about the main stages of Georgian fine arts. There is a small department of West European and Russian art here as well. The museum also presents canvases of prominent Georgian artists Niko Pirosmani, Lado Gudiashvili and others. Also there are works by famous Russian realist painters and marinists.

Apart from the above enumerated museums there are several local museums which impart us history of subcultures and their significant features.


Akhvlediani State Museum, Batumi, Jincharadze Str. No.4, Tel.: + 9954222 7 11 75

Adjara Museum of Education and Culture, Batumi, Metaxa Str.No.8, Tel.: + 995 4222 2 20 71

Adjara Art Museum, Batumi, Z. Gorgiladze Str. No.8, Tel.: + 995 4222 7 38 94

Memed Abashidze Museum, Batumi, M. Abashidze Str. No.7, Tel.: + 995 4222 7 61 12

Ilya Chavchavadze Museum, Batumi, Al. Griboedov Str. No.5 , Tel: +995 599 538610

Archaeological Museum, Batumi, Chavchavadze Str. No.77, Tel.: +995 4222 2 19 81

Khelvachauri Ethnographic Museum, Mejinistskali, Khelvachauri region

Gonio-Apsaros Museum-Preserve, Gonio, Khelvachauri region

Ethnographic Museum of Machakhela Valley, Chkhutuneti, Khelvachauri region

Keda Historical Museum, Keda

Ethnographic Museum of Mareti Valley, Oladauri, Khelvachauri region

Khulo Local Museum, Khulo

Academician Mamia Komakhidze Museum, Kobuleti

Picture Gallery of Adjara Artists Society, Batumi, Rustaveli Str. No.10, Tel.: + 995 4222 7 23 13;

Selim Khimshiashvili Museum, Kinchauri (Skhalta)

Museum of Religion, Batumi, Tamar settlement

Technological Museum of Brother Nobels, Batumi, Tamar Settlement, Tel: +995422254594

Historical Museum OF Keda, Keda

Ethnographic museum of khikhani valley, khulo, village tkhilvana

Museum of Sheriph Khimshiashvili, Khulo, village Skhalta, Tel: +995577429011


Batumi art Gallery, #28 Vazha Phshavela str, Tel: +995422276926

Ajaristskhali Art Gallery, Khulo, Tel: +995428270087

ART House named after Lado Gudiashvili, #10 Rustaveli str.

M&G Gallery, #41 Rustaveli Str.

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